2012 – Comic Creators For Freedom

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2012 – Comic Creators For Freedom

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day here in the U.S. The Comic Creators for Freedom drive will be starting the drive on Monday, January 9th through Friday, January 20th.

Comic Creators for Freedom is a charity where webcomic creators from all over the world are working together on a single drawing which will be available as a downloadable wallpaper for readers who donate to the fund raising drive! Donations will be split between Love 146 and Gracehaven. The two charities that fight against human trafficking and support victims.

This is my contribution that will be apart of a much larger image of other comic female characters in an epic snowball fight.

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Project “to-do” list for 2011

People that know me, know that i always seem to make more and more work for myself by coming up with new projects to work on. To try and help me get things together this year (which, admittedly, is off to a bad start), I’m going to try and get this list down to size.


  • Prep Brother’s old computer to connect with TV (O/S and Driver troubles)
  • Prep MY old computer as a Data Storage or Back-Up Computer (O/S and Driver troubles)
  • Prep Brother’s old laptop to be main laptop (O/S and Driver troubles)
  • Prep MY old laptop (Toshiba) to sell to a friend (O/S and Driver troubles)
  • Sell my old netbook computer.
  • Upgrade main computer to Windows 7 – possibly needs new Motherboard/CPU

Living Areas

  • Clean up living room (depends on fixing computers)
  • Throw away collected boxes and assorted packing scraps
  • Sort through last moving boxes, reorganize, store.
  • Clean up bedroom.
  • Clean up Desk/Working Space

Assorted Offline

  • Organize physical photos into photo boxes.
  • Throw all receipts for 2010 into a box.
  • Sort through receipts for 2011.
  • Get rid of my Saturn :(
  • Tires, Alignment, Balancing, Front Bumper, Brakes? for my Mazda


  • Anime Detour
  • Penguicon
  • MCBA SpringCon
  • CONvergence
  • Dallas STRIP?
  • MCBA FallCon
  • Midwest FurFest?
  • Build “Beacon Tower” con table attraction.

Assorted Online

  • Upgrade The Shifter Archive
  • Update The Shifter Archive
  • Recreate The Webcomic Beacon website into new theme.
  • New podcast idea (done by myself).
  • Other new podcast idea (sparked by another).
  • Make a “Fes Works Guest Art Day”?

Assorted Comics

  • Make sequel Jenny Everywhere LEGO Brick comic.
  • Work on Print Version of P.S.I.

Ongoing Projects

  • Update P.S.I. Regularly
  • Color Ardra Regularly
  • Update The Webcomic Beacon regularly

MAJOR GOALS for 2011

  • Print (at least) the first part of PSI.
  • Improve The Webcomic Beacon in it’s online standing/reputation/recognition.
  • Print the first story of Ardra (requires re-coloring)
  • Make a costume for Halloween.
  • Go to three new places for camping this summer.
  • Somehow make money off of my web projects to make it worth it, or cut them and/or cut going to conventions.

This list will be adjusted through the year.

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2010 Wild River State Park

It has been a while since I posted some camping pictures. So here we go. With my new Canon Rebel XSi, with a 35-128mm, macro capable lens, I took a bunch of pictures as Minnesota’s Wild River State Park. I was along with my friend Melissa, as she also took pictures.

This was my first real field experience with my camera; though I took a bunch of backyard shots at my parents, which I may also upload, but this is the first real dive. There are a few shots with a 70-300mm zoom/macro lens, but I found the other to work much better for the range I was in.

I ended up trimming down the pictures I would normally post here. Picking more of the better shots. I also have a couple of alternate shots of the same scene because I kinda liked both. Still learning aperture and f-stop settings.

On this trip, I also went for a canoe ride, that lasted 2.5 hours (paddling the whole way). … Didn’t put enough sun block on my legs, and got burned up! No fun! Anyway, lots of pictures of flowers, bees, and butterflies! Posted these up on Flickr instead of this site.

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